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Class Code Information


Wire Goods Mfg. – NOC

Includes manufacturing and repairing springs in shop.


Code 3257 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing wire goods.  Operations involve the use of soldering and welding equipment, automatic weaving or spiral machines and punch presses as well as traditional machine shop equipment. The processes are automatic and usually do not involve much assembly operations.  Various coatings may be applied to complete the wire products.

This classification also applies to employers engaged in stranding iron or steel wire rope or cable of various sizes.

This classification also applies to employers engaged in manufacturing bed springs or wire mattress springs, automobile springs, automobile bumper, wire cloth and springs other than wire springs. 

Additionally, contemplated under the scope of this classification is manufacturing chain link fence material. 

Assignment by Analogy

• Electrical cable – BX – strip metal 
• Hoses – flexible metal tubing – strip metal – BX
• Lamp shades frames – wire

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Bumpers – automobile or trucks – repair in shop by specialty shops – straighten, grind and re-plated.  Refer to Code 3632 “Machine Shop – NOC.”     

  2. Springs – removing or replacing on automobiles or trucks.  Automobile bumper installation on automobiles or trucks.  Refer to Code 8391 “Automobile Sales or Services Agency – All Operations & Drivers.”  

  3. Wire drawing – not iron or steel.  Refer to Code 1924 “Wire Drawing or Cable Mfg. – Not Iron or Steel.”

  4. Wire drawing iron or steel.  Refer to Code 3241 “Wire Drawing – Iron or Steel.”

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing