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Wire Drawing – Iron or Steel


Code 3241 applies to employers engaged in wire drawing, including wire rope or cable manufacturing from iron or steel.  Reeled wire stock, received from others, is fed into a primary wire drawing machine which draws the stock through dies to reduce its size.  Some wire may be heat treated for softening so that it will withstand continual drawing.

Bare rods and wires cannot be drawn through dies.  Consequently, many lubricants are used for wire drawing, depending on whether dry drawing or wet drawing is used.

Wire drawing may be carried out on a single block, single draft units or on a multiple-block, multiple-draft machine, depending upon the amount of reduction required.  Wire can be drawn down to the fineness of a human hair.

After all quality control inspections are performed, the finished drawn wire is automatically wound onto reels for shipment or may be further processed into wire rope using stranding and closing machines.

Assignment by Analogy

Steel pads – with or without soap

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Manufacturing:
    1. Insulated electrical cables.  Refer to Code 4470 “Cable Mfg. – Insulated Electrical.”
    2. Wire drawing or cable manufacturing other than iron or steel.  Refer to Code 1924 “Wire Drawing or Cable Mfg. – Not Iron or Steel.”   
    3. Wire goods.  Refer to Code 3257 “Wire Goods Mfg. – NOC.” 

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing