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Class Code Information


Arms Mfg. – NOC


Code 3200 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing arms such as hand guns, pistols, rifles, shotguns, paintball guns and air guns.  Parts such as gun stock, gun plates, brass bar, steel rods, barrels, triggers, springs, paint, and frames may be purchased from others.  The parts are machined and assembled with screws using hand tools. 

This classification also includes the shop repair of guns and rifles.  The units are taken apart, cleaned, barrels rebored and other worn, broken, or defective parts are replaced.  The repaired units are inspected, adjusted and returned to the employer’s customers.

Assignment by Analogy

No Information

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Cartridge charging and shell case or cartridge loading.  Refer to Code 4771 “Explosives or Ammunition Mfg. – NOC & Drivers.”

  2. Cartridge or shell case manufacturing – metal.  Refer to Code 3315 “Brass or Copper Goods Mfg.”

  3. Forging work.  Refer to Code 3110 “Tool Mfg. – NOC – Drop or Machine Forged – Forging.”    

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing