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Class Code Information


Hardware Mfg. – NOC

Includes incidental foundry operations.


Code 3146 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing various hardware items such as door knobs, handbag frames, cabinet handles, hinges and pulls and other similar hardware items that are made from metal bars, rods or castings received from others.  The items may be machined and/or stamped and assembled by hand to produce a finished product.  Part of the production process includes plating, polishing and buffing to various degrees of sheen.  Antiquing is considered a plating finish.   

Some of the machinery used are power presses, drill presses, double action draw presses, turret lathes, dies sanders, surface grinders, rivet machines, manual screw machines, power shears, laser welders, cut off saws, table saws, electroplaters and crucibles.

Assignment by Analogy

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Blast furnace operations involving smelting, sintering or refining metals other than lead or iron.  Refer to Code 1438 “Smelting, Sintering or Refining – NOC – Metals – Not Iron or Lead & Drivers.” 

  2. Expansion bolts or shields manufacturing.  Refer to Code 3145 “Automatic Screw Machine Products Mfg.”  

  3. Rolling mill:
    1. Brass, copper or other soft metals.  Refer to Code 3027 “Rolling Mill – NOC & Drivers.”
    2. Iron or steel – cold rolling, drawing or doubling process.  No Steelmaking.  Refer to Code 3018 “Iron or Steel Mfg. – Rolling Mill & Drivers.” 


Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing