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Class Code Information


Awning or Tent Mfg. – Shop Only


Code 2576 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing large and small products that are made of canvas, duck or water-resistant textiles.  This classification includes manufacturing products such as, but not limited to, awnings, tents, tarpaulins, drop cloths, pool liners, rafts or floats, bags and knapsacks provided these products are produced from the above listed materials.  Powered material cutters, grommet equipment, sewing machines, pipe and bar stock cutters and threaders may be utilized to fabricate these products. Buttons, snaps, zippers, pull strings or fasteners maybe added.

Assignment by Analogy

• Canopies – canvas – includes repair in shop
• Sails
• Trampolines – canvas or fabric surface – jumping surface 
• Truck covers – canvas – including repair in shop
• X-ray – protective equipment – lead lined canvas blankets or vests

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Awnings or canopies:
    1.  Aluminum.  Refer to Code 3076 “Fireproof Equipment Mfg.”
    2. Plastic 
      1.  Compression or injection molded.  Refer to Code 4475 "Plastics Mfg. - Molded Products - NOC."
      2. Assembling and finishing.  Refer to Code 4476 “Plastics Mfg. – Molded Products – NOC – Assembling and Subsequent Finishing Only.”
      3. Fabricated from sheets, rods or tubes.  Refer to Code 4452 “Plastics Mfg. – Fabricated Products – NOC.”
  2. Bags or sacks:
    1.  Made of burlap, cotton or gunny sack.  Refer to Code 2578 “Bag or Sack Mfg. – Cloth.”
    2.  Backpack, knapsack, hammock or luggage manufacturing made of textile fabrics.  Refer to Code 2553 “Furnishing Goods Mfg. – NOC – From Textile Fabrics.” 
  3. Canvas spinning or weaving.  Refer to Code 2302 “Silk Thread or Yarn Mfg.”   
  4. Installation, removal or repair of awnings, tents, canvas products, sails or other similar products away from shop.  Refer to Code 9539 “Awning, Tent or Canvas Goods Erection, Removal or Repair – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”  

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing