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Class Code Information


Furnishing Goods Mfg. – NOC – From Textile Fabrics


Code 2553 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing furnishing goods produced from fabrics or soft textile-type plastics such as vinyl.  This classification applies to the manufacturing of all types of household furnishings or linens such as draperies, curtains, window or lamp shades, slipcovers, venetian blinds, sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads, mattress covers, towels, table cloths and napkins.

Additional products made from textiles that qualify for this classification are seatbelts, seat covers, backpacks, knapsacks, banners, flags and pennants, bias or straight binding tapes or ribbons, powder puffs, buffing or polishing wheels, permanent wave pads, hat linings including those made from buckram and coat fronts or interlinings.  It also includes the manufacturing of inflatable beds, balls, pools and rafts.

The basic operations of this classification involve cutting materials to size and pattern and assembling by sewing or heat sealing.  The products may be finished by adding various bindings, trimmings or embroidery.

Silk screen printing when performed by the hand squeegee method is also subject to this classification.  Incidental operations include the manufacturing of silk screen stencils used in printing by the same employer.

Assignment by Analogy

Badges – cloth emblem

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Manufacturing:
    1. Lampshade wire frame.  Refer to Code 3257 “Wire Goods Mfg. – NOC.” 
    2. Pillow or quilt – filled, stuffed or quilted textile products.  Refer to Code 2571 “Pillow, Quilt or Cushion Mfg.”  
  2. Draperies or Curtains Installation in public buildings:
    1. From floor or step ladders.  Refer to Code 9521 “House Furnishings Installation & Upholstering – NOC & Upholstering – All Operations to Completion.”
    2. Other than from floor or step ladders.  Refer to Code 9539 “Awning, Tent or Canvas Goods Erection, Removal or Repair – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”      

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing