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Custom Clothing or Tailor Shop – Alterations – No Mass Mfg., Dry Cleaning or Laundering

No mass manufacturing of clothing.

Custom is defined as the fabrication of garments such as suits, dresses, shirts, pants and other similar garments that require taking measurements of individuals, cutting and sewing the fabric in accordance to the measurements and specifications of the individual customer.

This classification includes alterations and tailoring of garments received from customers regardless if the articles were custom manufactured or not by the same risk.


Code 2503 applies to employers engaged in custom manufacturing clothing such as suits and dresses on a made to order basis for individuals.  Customers may be shown sketches, designs and fabrics.  Measurements are taken, materials are cut, draped and stitched, customers are fitted and refitted for approximate size and cut.  Materials may be further sewn together by hand or machine, trimmed, pressed and finished.  Custom made garments may be embroidered. 

Tailor shops that exclusively alter or repair garments for customers are also included under this classification and is not intended for risks that perform laundering or dry cleaning.

Assignment by Analogy

Weaving – mending or re-mending holes in clothing

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1.  Clothing manufacturing - mass producing.  Refer to Code 2501 "Clothing Mfg."

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing