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Class Code Information


Net Mfg.

Not applicable to wire nets.


Code 2380 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing nets including rope nets and slings for fishing or cargo made from synthetic or cotton thread.  This classification also applies to manufacturing elastic or non-elastic webbing (other than jute) made from cotton, polypropylene and fiberglass threads.

Assignment by Analogy

Sports and sporting goods nets – tennis, racquetball, volleyball

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1.  Manufacturing:
      1. Braids, fringes, chenille or tassel type trimmings.  Fishing line manufacturing braided or twisted cord.  Refer to Code 2387 “Braid or Fringe Mfg.”
      2.  Cord, rope, or twine from cotton, linen, silk or wool including synthetic.   Jute nets or jute webbing manufacturing.  Nylon fishing line manufacturing.  Refer to Code 2302 “Silk Thread or Yarn Mfg.”  
      3.  Hair net.  Refer to Code 2534 "Feather or Flower Mfg. - Artificial."
      4.  Mosquito net.  No manufacturing of the netting.  Refer to Code 2553 “Furnishing Goods Mfg.  – NOC – From Textile Fabrics.”  
      5.  Wire net or wire rope – no wire drawing.  Refer to Code 3257 “Wire Goods Mfg. – NOC.”
  2. Wire drawing iron or steel.  Includes wire rope or cable manufacturing.  Refer to Code 3241 “Wire Drawing – Iron or Steel.”

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing