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Class Code Information


Silk Thread or Yarn Mfg.


Code 2302 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing silk thread or yarn.  Fiber materials are combined by winding or rewinding, twisting, reeling, weaving or looping on looms to form products which may be sold in the form of cones or skeins.  Other operations include shoddy manufacturing which pertains to the reduction of rags or mill waste to their original fiber form by sorting, carbonizing, baking, dusting, washing, garneting and baling.

Employers may also process cotton by shredding, picking, dusting or trimming to make wadding or packaging content used for toy stuffing, furniture upholstery, automobile tops or crate padding.

Wool separation where rags are soaked in chemical solutions to reclaim cotton is also included under this classification.  Subsequent operations may include drying, washing to remove remaining chemicals, and drying again. 

This classification also includes manufacturing carpet or rugs from jute or hemp fiber by braiding or twisting fibers together.
Examples such as synthetic, foam rubber or cellulose type products including sponges, mop heads, nets, powder puffs, sisal pads, tennis racket string, cloth labels, silk ribbons or tape, clothes line rope, pipe insulation covering, and fiberglass fabric manufacturing are also included under this classification.

Assignment by Analogy

• Cord, rope or twine manufacturing – cotton, linen, silk or wool – including synthetic fibers
• Treating, twisting or braiding rope or hair

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Manufacturing:
    1. Felt or felt like material. Code 2288 “Felt Mfg.”
    2. Lace. Refer to Code 2388 “Embroidery Mfg.”
    3. Pyroxylin. Refer to Code 4828 “Chemical Blending or Mixing – NOC – All Operations & Drivers,” and Code 4829 “Chemical Mfg. – NOC – All Operations & Drivers.”
    4. Webbing other than jute. Refer to Code 2600 “Fur Mfg. – Preparing Skins.”
  2. Combing or scouring wool. Refer to Code 2600 “Fur Mfg. – Preparing Skins.”

  3. Textile, thread or lace dyeing and finishing performed by specialist contractor. Refer to Code 2413 “Textile – Bleaching, Dyeing, Mercerizing, Finishing.”

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing