Class Code Information


Executive Officers – NOC – Not Foremen, Workers or Salespersons

Code 8809 is subject to the Standard Exception Manual Rule IV – Classifications of this Manual.  This classification is not available for division of payroll.


Code 8809 applies to executive officers of a corporation who are elected or appointed in accordance with the charter or by-laws of such corporation, whose duties are of an executive, clerical or supervisory character.  Executive officers of a corporation are the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer or any other appointed officer.  Any executive officer who qualifies for this classification is assigned to this classification even though the classification which describes the employer’s business includes clerical employees. 

This classification does not apply to any executive officer, who as a regular and frequent part of their duties, performs such work as is ordinarily undertaken by a foreman, worker of salesperson.

Assignment by Analogy

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Executive officers of not-for-profit unincorporated associations.  Refer to Code 8810 “Clerical Office Employees – NOC.”

Industry Group

Professional and Office