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Messenger Service Companies – Delivering Mail, Parcels or Packages – All Employees & Drivers

Applies to employers engaged in such local delivery of envelopes and packages by vehicle and/or bicycle.  Parcels or packages must be limited to 100 pounds or less.  


Code 7231 applies to employers engaged in delivery of envelopes and packages by vehicle and/or bicycle when none of the packages exceed 100 pounds in weight.  Envelopes can be individually delivered to each addressee, bundled in sacks, pouches or open plastic mail carrying baskets. 

The operations consist of picking up items at the customer’s location for immediate delivery to the recipient as well as picking up at the customer’s or other sites and sorting by destination for delivery along local routes. 

Most packages or parcels delivered by employers subject to this classification weigh 5 pounds or less, seldom reach 20 pounds and only rarely approach the 100 pound limit.

This classification is not to be used in any case where the employers own the items being delivered.

Assignment by Analogy

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Foot delivery of envelopes, parcels or packages.  Refer to Code 8742 “Salespersons, Collectors or Messengers – Outside.”

  2.  Delivery of merchandise exclusively for retail stores to their customers’ homes, regardless of the weight of individual packages.  Refer to Code 7197 “Trucking – Parcels or Packages – Home Delivery From Retail Stores & Drivers.”

  3. Messengers who deliver owned goods.  Refer to Code 7380 “Drivers, Chauffeurs and Their Helpers.”

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