Class Code Information


Trucking – Parcels or Packages – Home Delivery From Retail Stores & Drivers

Includes miscellaneous employees such as terminal employees and garage employees.


Code 7197 applies to employers engaged in delivering parcels or packages for retail stores to residences of the retail store customers.  Parcels and packages may vary in size.  This classification does not apply to any drivers that are directly employed by the retail store.  This classification also applies to outside trucking firms engaged in providing delivery service for retail stores.

Assignment by Analogy

• Baggage delivery
• Furniture delivery – from retail stores to customers’ homes or by trucking firms

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Furniture moving.  Refer to Code 8293 “Furniture Moving and/or Storage & Drivers.”

  2. Messenger service companies who deliver mail, parcel or packages.  Refer to Code 7231 “Messenger Service Companies – Delivering Mail, Parcels or Packages – All Employees & Drivers.”

  3. Trucking general merchandise belonging to others.  Refer to Code 7219 “Trucking – NOC – All Employees & Drivers.”

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