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Quarry – NOC & Drivers

Code 1624 and Code 1170 “Mining – NOC – With Shafts, Tunnels or Drifts & Drivers” shall not be assigned to the same risk unless the operations described by these classifications are conducted as separate and distinct businesses.


Code 1624 applies to employers engaged in quarrying several types of materials such as cement rock, argillaceous limestone, ballast rock, agricultural limestone, bluestone, limestone, sandstone, silica, and granite.  This classification includes crushing, washing, screening, grading, and storing of stone by quarry operator, whether performed at the quarry or at a separate location.

This classification includes the operation of crushers, construction, repair or maintenance of all buildings, structures or equipment; and installation of machinery. 

In quarry operations for limestone, sandstone, bluestone and granite, the face of the rock is drilled to allow for placement of blasting charges, detonating charges and for the removal of loosened rock with power shovels, payloaders or front-end loaders.  Slate is usually removed by hand cutting rather than blasting, but occasionally blasting may be required.  Loosened stone is cut by pneumatic drills, hydraulic cutters, stone saws, guillotine cutters or hand tools (mallets and wedges or hand picks).  Stone can also be crushed, washed, screened and graded.  The cutting of stone is inclusive when performed at the quarry site.

Assignment by Analogy

• Coal – surface mining
• Emery – mining

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Stone cutting performed away from the quarry site.  Refer to Code 1809 “Stone Cutting or Polishing – Marble or Limestone & Drivers” or Code 1810 “Stone Cutting or Polishing – NOC & Drivers.”  

  2. Digging sand or gravel for others.  Refer to Code 4000 “Sand or Gravel Digging & Drivers.”

  3. Mining gold in drifts, shafts or tunnels; underground or clay; fluorite, natural graphite, gypsum, natural lead, manganese, mica, molybdenum, nickel, ore (not coal), phosphate, salt, silica, or talc.  Refer to Code 1170 “Mining – NOC – With Shafts, Tunnels or Drifts & Drivers.” 

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