Class Code Information


Mining – NOC – With Shafts, Tunnels or Drifts & Drivers

Includes the construction, repair or maintenance of all buildings, structures or equipment and the installation of machinery.

Code 1170 and Code 1624 “Quarry – NOC & Drivers” shall not be assigned to the same risk unless the operations described by these classifications are conducted as separate and distinct businesses.


Code 1170 applies to employers engaged in the underground mining of ores or minerals.  Underground areas are accessed by tunnels, shafts, or drifts.  The materials are reached by sinking shafts and by driving rifts or cross-cuts through them.  The ore or mineral rock is first loosened by drilling and blasting with explosives, then loaded into mine cars and hauled outside or to a shaft where it is hoisted to the surface.  The material may be processed or partially processed at the mine site before it is transported to the customer or to another site for processing.

Equipment used includes timber, wire rope and miscellaneous steel for bracing tunnels, etc., track and mine cars, rock drills, ventilation equipment, air and water pipes, air compressors, wiring and electrical switches for lighting and blasting equipment.

Assignment by Analogy

• Borax
• Fluorite
• Gold – in drifts, shafts or tunnels 
• Graphite – natural
• Gypsum
• Lead – natural
• Manganese 
• Mica 
• Molybdenum 
• Nickel
• Silica 
• Talc – 5 percent or less free silica

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Manufacturing:
    1. Brick, tile or earthenware and brick, clay or refractory products.  Refer to Code 4024 “Brick Mfg. – NOC – Fire or Enameled & Drivers.”
    2. Mica goods.  Refer to Code 1853 “Mica Goods Mfg. & Mica Preparing.”
    3. Pottery.  Refer to Code 4053 “Pottery Mfg. – China or Tableware,” Code 4061 “Pottery Mfg. – Earthenware – Glazed or Porcelain – Hand Molded or Cast” or Code 4062 “Pottery Mfg. – Porcelain Ware – Mechanical Press Forming.”
    4. Rock wool.  Refer to Code 1701 “Cement Mfg.”
    5. Terra cotta.  Refer to Code 4053 “Pottery Mfg. – China or Tableware.”
  2. Producing or refining salt, borax or potash.  Refer to Code 4568 “Salt, Borax or Potash Producing or Refining & Drivers.”

  3. Flint or silica grinding.  Refer to Code 1741 “Flint or Spar Grinding & Drivers.”

  4. Phosphate works.  Refer to Code 1452 “Ore Milling & Drivers.”

  5. Quarrying.  Refer to Code 1624 “Quarry – NOC & Drivers.”

  6. Stone cutting or polishing.  Refer to Code 1809 “Stone Cutting or Polishing – Marble or Limestone & Drivers” or Code 1810 “Stone Cutting or Polishing – NOC & Drivers.”

  7. Surface mining at the same or separate location of shaft, tunnel, and drift mining.  Refer to Code 1624 “Quarry – NOC & Drivers.”

  8. Talc milling.  Refer to Code 1747 “Emery Works & Drivers.”

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