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New York Carrier Contact System provides the facility for member carriers to verify and update their contact information for a variety of business areas within their company.

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Experience Ratings System allows member carriers the ability to search, download and print Experience Ratings. Search features include, insured’s name, NYCIRB Combo ID or ratings issued by date.

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New York Mods is a fee-based subscription service which provides users the ability to access, by employer’s name or NYCIRB Combo ID, the insured’s most recent experience modification. Other information, such as classification, issue date and effective date will also be available for review on the selected record.

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Manage USR allows member carriers to create, view, and correct Unit Statistical Reports (USR), prepare WCSTAT files for submission directly to NYCIRB or via Compensation Data Exchange (CDX). The application also manages the timely submission of data through the Unit Statistical Tracking System (USTS) feature.

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Manage Policy System allows member carriers to view, correct or create policy data, as well as create and submit cancellation and reinstatement transactions. The application also allows members to prepare and check policy files (WCPOLS) for submission directly to NYCIRB and / or download a WCPOLS file for internal carrier use.

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Premium Loss On Demand (PLOD) allows member carriers to view and analyze detailed data broken down by various criteria such as class code, territory, and size of policy, for the entire state (all carriers) or for individual carrier groups.

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Financial Calls (NYFCIS) If you are a new system user, and / or having difficulty, please contact your internal company administrator. If you are uncertain of your company’s administrator, please email for assistance.

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Online Services Security Online Services Security allows carrier administrators to manage the security rolls and authority for their users access to NYCIRB applications.

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The New York Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program (CPAP) addresses premium differences between high wage and low wage paying employers in the construction industries.

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